ASIA Cup 2020 postponed to June 2021.


Asia Cup 2020 has been postponed until June, 2021 because of the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic situation.

Asia Cup is a Cricket tournament happens in between countries of the Asia continent. SO, this Tournament is organized every two years. By the association of the Asia Cricket Council.

On 8th July, The Chairman of BBCI Mr. Saurav Ganguly announced that ASIA Cup for the year 2020 is canceled. So, a day after the announcement, an official statement released by (ACC) confirming the news.

ACC said:” After being careful and considering every aspect, impact due to COVID-19 pandemic, The Executive Board members of Asian Cricket Council has decided to postpone Asia Cup 2020, which scheduled for the month of September.”

The Asia Cup for the year 2020 suppose to be in the cities of United Arab Emirates with Pakistan. As a host under the supervision of the (PCB). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, now this tournament will be in Sir Lanka, for the month of June 2021.

Asia Cup is a Cricket tournament in between countries of the Asia continent. This Tournament is organized every two years by the association of the ACC.

ACC (Asian Cricket Council)

The Executive Board members of the ACC met on many occasions for calculating. The impact on Corona Virus pandemic on tournament schedul for September 2020.

On Thursday in a media release, The ACC stated that” We try our best not to postpone or reschedule the Asia Cup 2020. But the COVID-19 pandemic situation is worsening. Travel restrictions, country-specific quarantine requirements, fundamental health threats, and social distancing. These mandates have made it impossible.

Above all risks, and health issues, the participating players are not willing to play. While this Coronavirus is on the loose. Supporting staff, commercial partners, fans, and cricketing community deemed significant.

Asia Cup for the year 2018 held in the UAE.

JUNE- A meeting of Executive Board members of ACC result in the possibility of Sri Lanka to host. The AC for the year 2021 in the month of June. Conducting this wonderful event safely and peacefully is the main goal of ACC, and the Board members. ACC is working hard to secure the parameters, for the next scheduled date so that no further postponing should be done.

PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board)

The right for hosting The Asia Cup 2020 taken away from Pakistan, but handed over to Sri Lanka. PCB Exchanged the rights of hosting with the Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC). By this arrangement, Pakistan will host the AC for the year of 2022 but (SLC) will host the AC, for the upcoming year 2021.

There will be 2 consecutive Asia Cups for the years 2021-22. This will be the first time in the history of Asia Cricket Cup. 

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