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1.Best Movies Website

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ovi currently offers viewers the following Subscription plans to choose from:

(1) all access premium subscription pack, and

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2.Best Online Movies Website

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Loyalty and Gamification Program

With a unique loyalty program, the website/application rewards you for every action on the website/application. You can earn coins every time you watch videos, play/share music, invite friends or even create your own playlists on website/application. Once you have collected the coins, the coins can be redeemed to download music, videos & content and watch online movies. Redemption of coins can be done on the website

The coins collected by you have a validity period within which you will be required to redeem the coins collected. Once the validity of the coins expires the expired coins will be automatically purged from your account. Hungama reserves the right to purge the coins collected by you at any time without any prior notice to you. Hungama may run campaigns or send in application notifications to you from time to time on redemption of the coins collected by you. If it is noticed that you have collected coins in any manner other than provided for hereinabove, Hungama shall, at its sole discretion, purge such coins collected by you and take such action against you as may deem fit by Hungama.

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