Bidding Process for Getting Project

Today’s time earning money is every middle-class boy or girl’s dream. And there are thousands of websites from where you can earn money. There are several freelancing websites such as,, and so on from where you can earn money. But there is some issue of bidding which holds you back from earning. If your bidding process is well, you can easily get the project otherwise client does not even reply to you.

Today, I will describe to you the whole step by step bidding process. So, you can easily grab the attention of your customer or client.


.1) Acknowledgement:

Just by saying Hi, Hello or Assalam-0-Alaikum according to your clients.

.2) Understand requirement:

it is the main and essential step. Check the actual requirement of the employer and describe it in your word precisely. So, the employers, websites can recognize that you understand his object.

.3) Tell the experience and show your portfolio:

Do not lie to your employer tell him your experience and show him your all work and portfolio. So, he or she concede easily.  

.4) Free mock:

The magic trick of my sleeves and give an offer one free mock / sample according to employer requirement.

.5) PMB:

Ask a question about the price for opening the PMB (private message board). In the Private message board, your conversation is saved. You can claim anytime when you feel insecure form the client or employer.

.6) Co. Relating work show:

If you already do this similar type of work before which he/ she required. Show them. So, he can relate it which helps him to decide in your favor.

.7) Give an offer to an employer:

This offer is depending upon the type of the project. For example, if the project is related to logos. Clients want to 20 logos. So, offer him to 2 logos free on 25 logos.

.8) Create a video:

According to all requirements of the project. Make the summary video of 30 sec or 45 seconds approx. in which you must have some confidence level because it reflects you in Infront of your client or employer.

.9) Response time:

Tell the employer after his/ her response to PMB. I reply within 30 mint or what time you feel comfortable.

.10) Regarding words:

Such as bye, see you soon, etc.

.11) Contact:

Tell your all contacts such as skype, email, phone number, website, email. He can easily contact you.

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