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Habits of Successful People

Everyone knows we always see the motivation videos and lecture for boosting our self or encourage our self for something. But after some time, we are all become the same. Our motivation will be ruined. Because we cannot change our habits permanently. But remember one thing you do not decide your future. You decide your habits and your habits decide your future.
So keep in mind your right or wrong habits make you successful or failure.

Here I tell you some important 7 habits of highly effective people.

1) = Be proactive

A proactive man does not react to any situation. First, they understand the situation after that they take a decision. An opposed the reactive man play the blame game. They blame everyone for the situation. Reactive man always thinks they cannot control the situation. They always give an excuse they cannot do anything. But proactive man takes 100% responsibility for the action, they take and the situation they are in. So, focus on things you can change not on things that cannot change.

2) = Begin with the end in mind

This habit is very deep, most people in the world when they are on the bed or the last moment of their life. They feel regret and wish became a good friend or became the man who helps others.
So, think about it what goals or achievement you should do in your personal and professional life and start your work on it now. So, you will not regret it later.

3) = Put first thing first

Which one is your important work do it first? It is simple to recognize but difficult to implement. We always think we have not much time to work on a tectonic thing. But we are not busy as much we think. We waste our time on social media, tv without working on it. So, if you want to do something in your life do it first which is meaningful.

4) = Think win-win situation

We always esteem if someone wins, I lose, or if I win someone’s loss. So, in these habits create such type of situation both wins. I give you a simple example A student is very good in study and B is a very poor student, A student not only focuses on his study but help to B and gives study material to him. Through this B student clear exam with very good marks. If A thinks win-loss situation it is hard to win it. Because A can does not concentrate on improving himself but thinks to get down B. So, avoid the scarcity mentally and developed abundance mentality

5) = Seek first to understand and then to be understood

We always give counsel without listening to the whole problem which other men face. Mostly we think about the “what” instead we should always think about “why” and the feelings behind it. So, when you listen, someone, your intention is not only for the reply but to understand the feelings. So, the judge, you can understand the feeling of them. So other also understanding your feelings.

6) = Synergy

Synergy inspires us to work together as a team. When we work by synergizing, we can increase our capabilities tremendously which will help us in achieving our goals.

7) = Sharpen the saw

This habit always tells us to be a better person. It tells you to spend your time in these 4 areas,
a) physical, b) social/emotion, c) spiritual, d) mental
It makes the other habits possible by improving the greatest assets, Which we have our self.

These habits embolden us to be a better person in life…

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Samia Riaz

I, Samia Riaz memon, a student of 3rd year computer system engineering at Institute of Bussiness Adminstration (IBA). I am a writer, blogger and content creator since 2014. I have been providing my services at different platforms and have worked with alot of organizations and pherms.
Samia Riaz