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Google Adsense is an algorithm. AdSense helps website publishers, bloggers in the network of Google content sites provide texts, images, videos, and other detractive content advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.

Google manages, monitors, sorts these advertisements.

They can generate revenue either by clicking on them or by impression basis. Google firstly introduced cost-per-action service which was deactivated in October 2008 in favor of Double click offering also owned by Google.

In Q1 of 2014, 22% of Google’s total revenue was made from Google AdSense. It was estimated to be US$3.4 billion and annual revenue of US$13.4 billion.

Google AdSense has become the best algorithm ever for specialized banners, ads, content on websites, and blogs.

Many users try to maximize their Google Adsense income by following these easy steps:

1) No flooding of ads on the website.

2) Following of webmaster guidelines.

3) Production of premium quality content that attracts people.

4) No linking to poor websites.

The Main revenue origin of all AdSense programs is the Ads program. The pricing model for Google AdSense is complex due to the use of Vickery’s second-price auction.


Monetization of your webpage, website, blog traffic can be done in many ways. Most of them include advertisements for Third-party products or services to your website visitors. The Best way for monetization of a website is Google AdSense.

This monetization and Ad system was initiate by Google in mid-2003. It is the biggest advertisement system out there in the market. Google pays almost US$10 billion to its publishers.

Almost 10 million websites are now using Google AdSense as their advertisement system. It has a higher security level and crystal clear between the advertiser and publisher.

How does it work?

The publisher needs to create an AdSense account, which gives you different codes. These codes are suppose to be inserte in the publisher’s website pages.

Google AdSense will automatically start showing ads related to the content. As the users click on these Ads, some cents are send to your account by Google AdSense as a contribution to your advertisement.

Tip: Do not ever try and fraud Google AdSense by clicking your ads by yourself. Google AdSense has a very strict policy. Once found suspicious Google AdSense will permanently block your account and you may end up losing your money.

How Much Google AdSense pays?

Google AdSense charges advertisers on every click visitors do. Google AdSense pays 68% of that amount to the publishers in some cases 51% when Google AdSense is use as a search.

The rates depend upon the competition in that niche. The highest commissioned niche/genre of content is insurance up to 16.67$ per click. The commission rate mostly varieties in between $0.2 to $15 per click. The majority of the niche brings less than 3$ per click.


Google AdSense is not a program where you can come and get rich in days. But It takes time and follows instructions to get pai. Everything takes time so be patient and work your way to success.

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