Khalil-UR-Rehman Qamar

Pakistan, the land of people with a great heart has given birth to many prominent writers, vocalists, lyrics-writer, and story writers. Khalil-UR-Rehman Qamar is one the best writer could ever be born in Pakistan.

Khalil-UR Rehman is a Pakistani dramatist, writer, vocalist, and an occasional actor for TV serials. He is known for his greatest of time masterpieces like Pyare Afzal (2013), Sadqe tumhare (2014), ISPR produced film Kaaf Kangan (2019), and the most recent successor Mera Pass Tum Ho (2019-2020).

Khalil-UR-Rehman was born in 1962 in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. He still resides in the same city he was born in. Till today he is aged 64 years.

He studied in a Government college of Sadbagh, Lahore. He further studied Bsc commerce and MBA.

Sir was a writer since birth. Khalil Sahab used to write about different occasions, stories, and songs back then when he was still in school.

Personal info

Khalil-UR-Rehman has been married 2 times in his life. Rubi Naz is his first wife, he then married the Ex-wife of an actor Faisal Qureshi named Rozina. Rozina is an actor, who met Khalil-UR-Rehman while working on a Drama serial.

Khalil-UR-Rehman has 3 kids, First the step-daughter of his Hansh Qureshi. Hanish Qureshi is the daughter of actor Faisal Qureshi. He then had two kids of his own with Rozina. One of his kids is also an actor named Aabi Khan, his son.


Khalil-UR-Rehman Qamar persuaded his writing career after getting retired from the National Bank Of Pakistan. He started his writing career at the age of 35 years with a TV serial Dastak Aur Darwaza and later produced a film Qarz (1997).

He has also written the dialogues of Ghar Kab Aoo Gaa (2000), Tere Piyar Mein, Mukhra Chan Varga, Nikki Jai Haan but he became famous after his magnificent story of Boota from Toba Tek Singh (1999). Later, he used this style in his dramas Landa Bazar (2002) and Love, Life, and the Lahore.

Khalil-UR-Rehman Qamar has worked in almost 25 serials and movies till today. He has written many TV serials, lyrics, produced a few of his written stories. He has also written a true-life based story of ownself named Sadqay Tumhare. Sadqay Tumhare is based on the true love story of writer Khalil-UR-Rehman Qamar and his cousin when they used to be teens.


The biggest controversies ever faced by this excellent writer was when he showed up in a show of Geo News On the 23 March 2020. He talked about the ongoing event of Aurat March at that time. He asked anchor-persons and other personnel to let him speak.

Khalil-ur-Rehman criticized the leader of Aurat March, Marvi Srimad. Marvi Sirmad started this Feminist act ‘Aurat March’ with a slogan “Mera Jism Meri Marzi”. Khalil-UR-Rehman said; Marvi Sirmad is a cheap woman and nobody would even spit on her body.

He faced a huge criticism on Social media, Politicians, and TV persons. Also, Geo TV suspended all of the ongoing contracts with him till that day. After a few months, things got back to normal as the Aurat March came to an end.

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