Lady Constable Tiktok dance video went viral

Lahore Lady Constable Wafa Tauqeer uploaded a video of her dancing in her police uniform that leads to her dismissal from the Punjab Police Force.

As the video went viral, her commanding officer took a serious notice about the incident and immediately dismissed the lady constable.

In the video, the lady constable is dancing in her uniform while recording herself through her cellphone.

An inquiry of the incident, immediately launched by her commanding officer. As the allegations proved, she dismissed Wafa Tauqeer immediately.

Details about the incident

After the dismissal, the lady constable released a statement about disagreement on her immediate removal from the force. She stated that a warning should have been issued against her to avoid such actions in the future.

Direct removal from the force is not a solution. She admitted her mistake saying recording myself in my police uniform was a terrible mistake. But, dismissal is far worse.

She claimed that she is not the only person that records videos while on duty on in uniform. A lot of the other Police personnel does the same mistakes too an action should also be against them too.

Deputy Inspector General of Punjab Police (DIGP) launched an investigation on the incident and mentioned to dig out all the personnel making such illegal videos in their uniform. Police also filed a petition to PTA for banning this video sharing platform, Tiktok.

DIGP requested for a complete report along with legal action in 3 days timeframe.

TikTok to face Ban

Cases, petitions, and complaints against Tiktok raised sky high in a short time. A lot of scandals of Pakistani Tiktok stars went viral on the social media, and now even the police.

There is a high probability of Tiktok facing ban as the DIGP requests PTA to take serious action against this social media app. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority warned Tiktok to take measures of their content otherwise it will face a ban in Pakistan.

Moreover, Tiktok did reply to that warning through a social media post on twitter. It stated that we are taking serious measures of our content. Furthermore, it said that almost 86% of the immoral content removed without a single view.

The rest gets views or goes viral. But, we are trying best to make some policies against inappropriate content and removing accounts that are uploading such content.

After that, the issue put to rest. But, the new incident of the lady constable police raised it again as the DIGP again requested to PTA. There is a high probability that Tiktok will face a ban shortly.

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