Malika Cheema Scandal

Pakistan TikTok Star Malika Cheema is the Latest Victim of Leaked Photos and Videos

malika cheema photos and videos leaked

Malika Cheema Scandal photos and videos leaked

After the leaked scandal of Minahil Malik, another famous Pakistani Tiktoker fell prey to this scandalized system. Malika Cheema, full name Malaika Eijaz Cheema made the same mistake as Minahil Malik.

Malika Cheema Scandal


She is one of the most trending Pakistani Tiktok stars. Malika Cheema earned her fame by making short lip-sync, trolling, and entertainment videos on Tiktok.

TikTok has provided a platform where teens can upload short videos and get famous.

She was born in the city of Punjab, Sargodha. She is a 23-year-old TikToker having almost 605.1K followers and 7.1 million likes on TikTok now live in Lahore. Malika became a social media celebrity using TikTok as her prime platform.

She also has a huge following on Instagram. Miss Cheema has almost 100k folllowers watching, liking, and commenting on her pictures daily.

@malika_cheema75 is her Tiktok as well as an Instagram username. Her Tiktok profile link is given below:

Tiktok Link

She collaborates with many companies as their brand ambassador. Malika Cheema also does Paid-promotions on her Instagram profile.

Malika Cheema Scandal of the leaked video

Minahil Malik Photos and Video Leaked

She recorded herself while playing with herself. That video leaked anonymously and went viral on Social media. Above all, the video visibly shows that Malika Cheema was intimidating her self while recording her self through her cell-phone.

According to sources, she recorded her explicit video on the demand of her boyfriend. Who later on leaked that video on social media. But, It is still uncertain that it was her boyfriend who leaked that video.

Rumors broke like fire when someone said she has intentionally leaked her video to get sympathy and fan following on her Tiktok and Instagram accounts.

Minahil Malik, who earlier faced the same issue of the leaked video scandal has raised her following from 584.786K to 3.9 Million followers in a matter of days. This made people think that Malika Cheema has leaked her videos as a publicity stunt.

People have started filing complaints against Tiktok and started writing to PTA for banning TikTok as they banned PUBG mobile in Pakistan.

According to sources, Minahil Malik and Malika Cheema filed a complaint about these leaked videos to NR3C (National Response Center for Cyber Crime). Cybercrime is investigating this matter strictly.

A piece of friendly advice to people, please do not share these videos as you can be taken as the source of this leakage by NR3C. You might end up in jail.

Public Reaction

As soon as Malika Cheema’s leaked video went viral, many memers made funny memes about how she was playing with herself.

A twitter handle “@aao_jee” tauntingly commented on the leaked video of Malika Cheema.”Sochta hun k wo kitna masoom thay kia sa kia hogye dekhta dekhta”. The link to the status:


The public is not taking this matter seriously. But, it is someone’s life at stake. Please try not to share these videos as if you have received them. This is an act of bullying and depressing others. Certainly, bullying should be stopped as many can not stand against it and commit suicide.

Malika Cheema Instagram Link

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