Minahil Malik Scandal Photos And Videos Leaked

Minahil Malik Scandal

Minahil Malik Scandal Photos And Videos Leaked The worldwide popularity of Tiktok is undeniable. Above all, It is the most trending app nowadays.

Moreover, Tiktok is a Chinese entertainment application developed in 2016 by ByteDance.

Teens are fond of this app because it is a video-sharing social media platform because It allows users to make short lip-sync, dance, singing, and other funny videos.

Zhang Yiming founded ByteDance in 2012.

Many teens got famous by making short videos on this platform. The Minahil Malik is also one of the teens who got her fame on this platform.

Minahil Malik Biography

minahil malik scandal

Miss. Minahil Malik is a famous Tiktoker and a Social media star for Pakistan. Having 563.006K followers on Tiktok, because she is one of the favorite Tiktok stars of Pakistani people.

Meanwhile, she has a high reputation on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. She has almost 347K followers on her Instagram page too.

Minahil Malik got famous by making short Lip-sync, funny, entertaining videos on Tiktok. @minahilmalik747 is the username of her both Tiktok and  Instagram pages.

This young TikTok star belongs to the city of lights, Karachi, Pakistan. She was born on the 28th of July 1994. As of Today, Minahil Malik is almost 25 years old.

In addition, Minahil Malik has many contracts with famous companies and has collaborated with several commercials.

Personal Info 
NameMinahil Malik
Profession(s)Instagram star, Tiktok star.
Birthday28 July 1994
Age25 years (As in 2020)
BirthplaceKarachi, Pakistan
HometownKarachi, Sindh, Pakistan
photos and videos leaked

So, Minahil Malik’s Father and Mother names have not been revealed today. But, her brother Mian Azib has been in her short videos with her.

The most tragic incident of Minahil Malik’s Life

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Tiktok has opened a new door of creativity for today’s teens. Yet, it has also pushed them into such dilemmas that are very difficult to face. Recently, Minahil Malik got her self into big trouble by sharing some private photos with her boyfriend.

Sources informed that Minahil Malik’s Ex-boyfriend harassed her for money. Because of Not being able to fulfill his demand. He leaked her private photos and videos on social media.

That leaked data is getting viral and is running around on the Internet like fire. yet, It is still not confirmed that who leaked that data. Yet again, someone’s life has become a business for everyone.

After that tragic incident, Minahil Malik did not hesitate to stand up and respond. But, She made a video apologizing to her fans and followers.

In addition, she also declared that; she is on anti-depressant pills due to the pain caused by this vile. She could be heard threatening to overdose her pills, if bullying kept continuos.


This bullying trend should be stopped as we have lost many public figures, social media star, and celebrities due to depression. Because People will blame her for sharing her explicit photos and videos but leaking someone’s private stuff and tormenting, harassing is not a saint’s work.

People need to open up for accepting other’s mistakes. Humans are full of mistakes we should not criticize and comment on someone publically on their wrongdoings.

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