Pakistan Reopening Educational Institute in September

Pakistan Reopening Educational Institute in September.

The COVID 19 pandemic is a global pandemic. It appeared in December 2019 in china Wuhan. So, The WHO declared the outbreak of a public health emergency. It declared international on 30 January 2020. And declared as a pandemic on 11 march. Many Countries have decided to close the school, college, and university. Many assessments and exams cancel out.

The closure of the result in disruption and displacement for over 1.5 billion children worldwide.

The dilemma policymakers are facing between closing schools just because reducing the contact and saving lives. There is various short-term disruption felt by many families around the world. Homeschooling is not only a massive shock to parents’ productivity. but also to children’s social life and learning.

The First Challenge

The first challenge is to not only prepare our schools for re-opening. We also have to comprehend why schools resuming education is important for a country like ours. The reasons why education shouldn’t be disrupted. Pakistan already features a high primary and lyceum dropout rate and surveys. It indicates that if education is disrupted. it’s going to become five times more likely that children won’t return to high school.

The Institute does not just offer education, but the safe for emotional, safety, and cognitive development for the students. Teaching is moving online, on an untested and unfamiliar scale. These barriers will not only a short-term problem. It can also have affected the long-term consequences for students. Inequality is likely to increase among students.

Higher Education SOPs

In higher education, many universities and colleges are replacing traditional exams with online assessment tools. This is a new area for both teachers and students. Assessments likely have larger measurement errors than usual.

While talking about Examinations of Professional Groups, such as Medical and Engineering entry tests and religious board exams. They beheld with special arrangements. Such as keeping six feet of distance between all the individuals and requiring that people wear masks and gloves.

The careers of this year’s university graduates may be severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are experiencing major interruptions in their assessments.

Government Decision

On Wednesday new Government decided to reopen the educational institutions across Pakistan. And the decision made in the first week of September. It had previously decided to keep schools closed until July 15.

According to news, the decision made in meeting by the president and Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood. And along with the provincial education ministers.

The meeting decided to reopen the institute. It will all the COVID 19 Standard procedures (SOPs) in place.

A source said Two major policy decision taken on Wednesday:


The Members of the meeting recommended extending the closure of institutions. Maybe until the first week of September.


The participants also showed the willingness to allow professional exams.

According to News, Institutes will reopen. After looking at the condition of COVID 19 in the country. And the final decision to reopen will be taken by the national command and control center.

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