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PlayStation is a home entertainment-based gaming console by Sony Computer Entertainments. The PlayStation made its first debut in the earlier 1994 in China, and in 1995 for the global variant release.

PlayStations mainly designed for entertainment became a competitor to Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. The PlayStation was the first gaming console to be sold over 100 million units in a matter of 9-years.


In July of 2000, A smarter and slimmer variant of PlayStation 1 released that left a remarkable impact on its older version, “The PSX or The old PS 1”. PS1 cost $299 at initial release. The last unit sold in 2006 before Sony discontinued it.

The PS2 or we can say the PlayStation 2, the successor of PS1 released in 2000. PlayStation 2 lasted for a total of 13-years before its discontinuation. The PS2 cost $299 at introductory sessions.

The PS2 was the best gaming console ever. It was the most successful product of Sony enterprises selling over 155 million units in a short time. Over 3800 game titles released for PS2 with almost 1.5 billion copies sold.

Yet the Successors, PS3, and PS4 kept coming in different variants and models. This year Sony has officially announced to release the latest model of PlayStation, The PlayStation 5.

PS5 Console

The latest PlayStation 5 showed its face to the world in an add on 20th June 2020. It is the successor of the PS series of Sony Computer Entertainment. It will release in the Q4 2020.

The PS5 comes in White color along with a black belt in the mid-portion, vice-versa. PS5 will release in two variants.

First, the standard model with a UHD optical disk drive compatible for retail purchased gaming disks. Second, a cheaper variant lacking the UHD disk drive. This cheaper model will retain the facility to download games directly into the storage.


PS5 supports all sorts of video output formats, from 480p to 8K UHD resolution display. It requires HDMI cable to connect it to the screen. However, It supports HDMI 2.1 cable.


A PS5 has 16 Gigs of GDDR6 SDRAM along with an 825 Gigs of custom-installed SDD hard drive. It also supports an external removable storage drive for future up-gradation.


PS5 has an 8-core AMD Zen 2 combined processing unit (CPU) with a clock frequency of up to 3.5 GHz.

Graphics & Sound

The PS5 is coming with a marvelous Custom AMD RDNA 2 graphic card with a clock speed up to 2.23 GHz. For sound, Sony is going to put a custom tempest Engine 3D audio system in this latest version of PlayStation.

Controller & Media

This console supports a DualSense controller with wireless support to the PS5. The PS5 supports media like UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD as a source of input for the games.


The PS5 is expected to be around $600-$800 worldwide. In Pakistan, it will be around Rs.105,000-Rs.120,000.

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