Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Banned in Pakistan

PUBG (Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds)

Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Banned in Pakistan The most popular battle royal game around the globe has been banned in Pakistan. PUBG is the most addictive shooting game having more than 100 million downloads on google play store.

PUBG has 553 thousand concurrent players as per the record of last month, June 2020. The highest record of concurrent players for PUBG has been 3.24 million as per the record of January 2018.

On 20th June, A student of the second year at FC college University committed suicide. A 20-year old boy hung himself after being scolded and refrained from playing PUBG.

 As his parents reported:” The boy went to his room after having an argument about playing PUBG. He did not open his room till the next day. The family broke the door as he did not respond to their calls. They found the boy hanging through ceiling fan”.

On 23rd June, Complaints against PUBG hit peak as another Pakistani youngster from Hanjarwal committed suicide.

Police reported,” The boy was found hanging by the ceiling fan as soon as we arrived. His phone was laying on the bed in which PUBG was still running. The boy committed suicide as the result of not being able to complete his in-game mission”.

The Inspector-General of Punjab Police (IGP), issued a letter warning the interior ministry that PUBG has destroyed our youth.

The youth kept playing this addictive shooting battle royale game throughout day and night. Due to playing PUBG excessively players can get aggressive and behave abnormally. As the main theme of this game is shooting and fighting.


The Pakistan telecom authority imposed a temporary ban on this video game on the 1st of July. People complained to PTA especially parents regarding how this game is ruining their Child’s life.

PTA issued a notification about PUBG ban mentioning that PUBG is a wastage of time and causes a serious impact on an individual’s physical and psychological health, as reported in an official press release on Pakistan telecom authority’s official Twitter account.

As a result of the ban, many you tubers and other social activists like Waqar Zaka, One To All, Ducky Bhai raised voice on social media and other platforms for unbanning PUBG in Pakistan.

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Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka mentioned that Esports is the future of supports as the world is leading to development. There are many players from Pakistan who are proving to be competitive and pro players like FS gaming, PES, Vega, etc.

FS (Free Style), The winner of PMCO Pakistan the biggest event of PUBG mobile in Pakistan. Due to which sponsors like Red bull, KFC and even international sponsors are taking interested Pakistani teams.

The temporarily ban was imposed till 9th of July. As there will be another meeting of authorities for taking decision on banning PUBG further or lifting of this ban.

This 9-day ban was for taking feedback from people. Whether their complaints and issues caused by this game have been resolved or they have increased.

On the 9th of July 2020, PTA authorities and the opposition who want PUBG to get unbanned will combine decide what is next to be done for this Video game.

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