Poverty Swallowed Another 4 Lives

Poverty, a disease that swallowed thousands of lives for the past years. There are many untold stories out there, in which poverty deemed families. Many developing countries are under its influence.

Thousands of people die due to the inability of providing food and clothes to there families. Countries like Pakistan and India are the biggest prey of this monster. Day or another, there is an incident of someone killing themselves and their families due to poverty.

On 24th July 2020, another dreadful event happened when a father poisoned his 3 children and committed suicide. This tragic incident took place in the Waryam Village of Zafarwal in the North District of Punjab.

According to sources, due to heavy poverty strike father got frustrated and did this animal act. The father was not able to provide 3 times bread and butter and clothes enough to cover themselves.

The children demanded new clothes on this Holy festive Eid-UL-Adha. Not being able to do so he committed suicide after poisoning his 3 little angels.

Details about the incident

The incident occurred on the morning of 24th July 2020. A passerby immediately called police when he saw all the family members were laying unconsciously on the floor. The Police and Rescue team got on the side quickly and took the family members to the hospital.

As they hospitalized, the father was announced dead by the hospital staff and doctors. While all the children were in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

According to the reports, the father used the same poison using which he tried to take 3 innocent lives. The father became very frustrated and depressed as his children started demanding new clothes for Eid.

He tried every possible thing to get his children’s new clothes, yet he failed to do so. Depression took over his thinking power and thoughts of suicide started roaming in his mind.

Ary News covered this tragic event and took it to Social Media. The 3 of the children were A 7-year old daughter, A 5-year old son, and another son 3-years old.


The most affected people by COVID-19 are laborers. As a result of frequent lock-downs by the Government, laborers are not getting work that brings bread and butter for their families.

PM Imran Khan initiated the Ehsas Relief Program paying an amount of RS.12,000. But, that is not enough to feed a family for 5 months. I saw many families eating bread with water due to a shortage of money after this lockdown.

This is not the only incident that took place due to poverty. A few days ago another father hanged her little angel as not being able to feed her.

As I recall there was another mother who poisoned her children as they were crying out of hunger. This is on all of us, not the Government. White-collar people should help their nearby needy people to avoid such incidents.

As we have two Haqaiq in Islam, Huqoq-Ullah, and Huqoq-UL-Ibad. Allah (S.W.T) can forgive his Huqoq but he will never forgive Huqoq-ul-Ibad.

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