Interesting facts about Robots.

Having such an intelligent brain and technology, scientists are inventing new helpful things in these modern days ROBOTICS & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE first commercialized digital and programmable in 1945.


It involves the conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots. This field is having very much creativity and can be a hobby to do. It sounds enthusiastic, ’a machine which created like humans for the humans’’.

It’s very much supportive for a person that is having several and various responsibilities. Robots can make things easier for humans to do this, it can do everything that systematized in their data.

Nowadays it’s very prevailing to use as the condition of Covid-19, it’s been prepared for doing work instead of people however before scientists were dreaming of the same things.

Pre-Programmed Robots: performed tasks longer, faster, and reliable than humans.

Humanoid Robot: Behaviour like human running, Jumping and carrying objects

Autonomous Robots: uses the sensor.

Teleoperated  Robots: usually work geographical conditions, weather circumstances.

Robotic Art Arm: Recreates Digital drawings draw.

Human-Robot Interaction: coexistence, cooperation, collaboration.

SnakeBot: controlled human voice via infrared.


Some Superiorities in the Workplace:

Safety: Robots such as working in dangerous tasks instead of a human being somehow it can give safety and defense

Speed: Accurate work and never get distracted or need a break.

Stability: never dependable.

Perfection: deliver quality.

More Productive: Manual Work, Repetitive Motion, and Dangerous Jobs.


But a machine can’t do everything so, some jobs need to be done by humans. A robot made by humans so it can’t be a human but it can assist humans.

A robot is not a noble thing to use for all our daily chores. It is not for these things. Likewise, it has disadvantages too.

The main difficulty and disadvantage are that it can be out of order that is why humans fear. It can take over the jobs of humans by using them a lot.

There are many types of robots like drones, humanoid, Augmenting machines, surgical robots, job robots, and several more.

Robots, often used for making dangerous weapons or used for performing tiny incisions surgeries but it led to being a weapon somehow when it’s over control now it sounds frightening.

Yet, it can be part of a human’s life similar to a friend they can be our friends but they don’t have any sort of emotions inside their body. They can not feel anything like humans do, they can’t feel hungry, pain, love, anger, jealousy, and other emotions.

Robots are corrupt and unhealthy too, in such a way if we are only depending on it. It only assists us in not do all works.

It can affect our health doing no exercise may cause plenty of diseases, not only robots but all the technology is for humans to assist. We should not be contingent on them it can affect health, knowledge, and make us lazy and indolent.

Using a machine is fun but it is difficult to control to maintain it is not a puzzle to solve. Working with technology takes you to your imagination.

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