Sana Sheikh leaked photos & Videos scandal

Day after day there is another scandal about leaked videos & photos of Tiktok stars, on social media. The latest victim to fall was Sana Sheikh. Sana Sheikh is one of the most popular Tiktok stars of Pakistan.

Sana Sheikh earned her fame on the platform, Tiktok. Several explicit pictures and videos of her are now roaming on the Internet. These people are the young celebrities of Pakistan that are now becoming a shame. 

Sana Sheikh is a popular Tiktok star to fall prey in this system of scandals. After the two, Minahil Khan and Malika Cheema, Sana Sheikh’s private videos are now on the Internet.

Personal Info

Sana Sheikh is a Pakistani Tiktok star and host born in 1994 (Age 26) in Karachi, Pakistan. She has been on Tiktok since 2018. She has a following of 786.3K followers on Tiktok. While for the Instagram, her account is private so there are only 12.3K followers on her Instagram profile.

@Sana_Sheikh04 is the Tiktok handle of Sana Sheikh’s profile and @sanasheikh8487 is her Instagram profile handle.

She collaborates TV ads, Paid promotions, and TV shows. Other than being a Tiktoker, she also works as a host for shows. Sana Sheikh is quite a remarkable impact on TV industries.

There is no personal info of her on the Internet about this Tiktok star, like brothers, sisters, mother, father, birth date, etc.


Plenty of explicit and nude photos & videos of this Tiktoker are now roaming on the internet. In such videos, she can be seen inappropriately recording herself while intimidating, arousing, and playing with herself.

There are tons of possibilities of why those videos and photos were shot. They could have been shot for boyfriend’ pleasure, blackmailing, etc.

Some say it is a publicity stunt by this Tiktok star to gain quick popularity. Few others say it was her boyfriend, who leaked these videos and photos for harassing and depressing her.

People also say, there is a group of hackers and other personal that are blackmailing these Tiktokers one by one for money and if not getting what they want. They are leaking private photos and videos of these celebrities.

If it is just a publicity stunt then no doubt these Tiktokers are going too far for fame and publicity.

Soon after the leak, This Tiktok star could be seen on social media raising voice against whoever did this to her. People have a random response to this incident.

Everyone still confused about what is going on and not even a single day’s break, there is another Tiktok star’s scandal spreading like fire on the Internet.


Sharing someone’s explicit photos and videos on the Internet is a greater sin. As if you are uncovering their bad deeds. Humans are full of mistakes, people should cover each other and hide darkest of secrets.

Humiliating someone on the Internet and making fun of them in front of the world is no joke. This needs to stop, NR3C should now take this matter seriously.

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