Sony Alpha A6600 (the best professional photography camera)


Sony has a variety of cameras available for its customers. From Compact cameras to High-end professional cameras, which fulfills the customer’s needs and requirements, but prices of those cameras vary by product to product.

Some of them are in the range of affordability and some are more expensive but again it depends upon their high quality of resolution. In the recent duration of time, Sony introduced many of its product lines with imaging sensors in digital cameras.

But it is the very first time, Sony brought its product with great innovative technology that contains first full-frame mirrorless cameras. Besides, these cameras are well-gated features with different several product lines.

In last year, competitors of Sony Company Canon and Nikon also introduced their full-frame mirrorless cameras. For sure, they could not beat the success of the Sony Company. Sony is continuing to win the hearts of its customers.

Sony Alpha A6600 Origination

Alphas A6600  is the product series of Sony Company. It initially launched on 28 Aug 2019. The initial cost was $1400 in the US. It released globally in October and November with an amazing response.

After A6100 and A6400 this product came to market with leading technology and innovated features, containing 5-a six stabilization, APS-C Exmor COMS, 3-inch touch screen, 4K video recording. Sony considers this model as the flagship of success.

Amazing Features of Alpha A6600

  • Model: Sony Alpha A6600
  • Model Nature: Full frame mirrorless camera
  • Sensor: APS-C Exmor COMS
  • Megapixels: 24.2 MP
  • Autofocus: 425
  • Screen: 3 Inch touch screen
  • Video Recording: 4K UHD Video Recording
  • Other Video Recoding Feature: Support HDR
  • Inside Stabilization: 5-Axis Steady Shot
  • Color: Black

In the modern world, Sony brought its classic leading auto-focused innovative technology to its customers at an affordable price.

Alpha A6600 contains a big battery with great power. First, this series was started with A6100 then A6400 and ended with A6600. Price of A6100 was ( $749.99 ), A6600 ( $1,399.99 just body only)

As we compare above three products of A Series, they contain the same similar image senor with basic features. But, A6600 is a change to these products in terms of body stabilization with longest-running battery power, strong camera focus performance, and video recording.

Pros and Cons of Alpha A 6600


  • High battery power
  • Auto focused
  • 4K UHD Recording
  • Stabilized Senor
  • Dust protection


  • Only one-handed usage
  • Lack of joystick
  • Did not use big hand grip
  • Lack of rare or front dial experience


There is some suggestion that must be taken into consideration for better improvement of the product. As mentioned earlier, that there is a lack of joystick and handgrip as well as rare front dial experience.

When you are using a product you focus on everything. So, Sony must think about it and take into consideration these things to better improve results.

Because there is no concept of joystick for an active focus point, bring a strong command dial for handgrip so it can be a more useful product.

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