Teenagers Killed for Honor.

MANSEHRA, Two teenagers killed brutally for the honor. Two teenagers lost their lives for the desire of marrying the person they love. Families of these two teenagers allegedly murdered both for honor, as the love marriage is a disgrace to the family.

This incident took place in the Kaghan Valley, where parents murdered their children for wanting to marry the person they love. It is an old tradition still going on in various tribal areas that children should follow as their parents say and never argue.

Honor killing is a symbol of illiteracy and ignorance of the people that they kill their children in the name of honor. They do not even have the right to state their wish and desire.

If they did express their feeling for someone that will be considered as dishonor and disgrace to the family. For that their parents get ready to murder them brutally.

Details About the incident

On the 21st of July 2020, two teenagers got murdered by their parents for the sake of wanting to marry their loved ones. Parents then left their bodies at Jared Locality in the limits of Kaghan Valley.

SHO reported that none of the family members agreed to report an FIR against the incident. The Police found these two bodies in the deserted area and took them for autopsy.

According to Sources, the girl expressed the desire of marrying her cousin instead of her fiancé, and that brought the wrath of their family on them. Parents of both teenagers disagreed on it but the couple took their chances against all the odds.

The boy came secretly to meet the girl at midnight. But, they got caught by a family member that informed the parents of the teenagers.

Parents of teenagers agreed to murder both of them for removing the mark that they brought to the family. They planned to murder the next day and that planned executed accordingly.

They butchered both the teens mercilessly and threw their bodies in trash. As the police came to know about the incident, they started inspection of this matter. None of the family members agreed to lodge an FIR against anyone.

The Police issued arrest warrants against 5 of the family members of both the girl and the boy. Police were successful in capturing 3 of the accused persons and locked them up that included the uncle and the father of the boy.


Honor killing is not just a tradition, it Is a sign of illiteracy and ignorance of people that how are they willing to murder their kin with their hands. Marrying a person that they love is not a sin.

Even ISLAM prohibits parents from imposing their decisions on their kin in terms of marriage. Our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) asked his daughter even after a Wahi sent by Allah (S.W.T). Yet, he still asked his daughter that do you agree on this marriage?

It taught us that never force your kin to marry someone that you want for them without even asking them.

Imposing their decisions is prohibit by our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Yet, parents do as they desire. We should follow Our Prophet’s Sunnah in such matters that will be better for everyone.

The children did a terrible mistake of meeting eachother that is considered as a major sin too but murdering someone is one of the greatest sins in ISLAM.

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