Top 5 Best Android Multiplayer Games

Gaming is the most favorite activity among teens and adults. But, when you can play those same games with your friends the fun doubles.

Android gaming has been improving every day as developers are getting tougher competition in the market. Firstly, there were only simple strategy games on the Android platform in which multiplayer mode just meant the leaderboard.

People used to invite their friends using Facebook to play with them. The most trending multiplayer game by Facebook was an 8-pool ball. If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, here are a few best suggestions for you.

5 Best Android Multiplayer Games

  • Call of duty.
  • PUBG mobile.
  • Zynga’s with friends game.
  • Unkilled.
  • Teamfight tactics.

Call of Duty (COD)

The Call of Duty mobile takes its root from the most loved PC first-person shooting game, The Call of Duty PC. COD mobile is a battle royale themed based game that allows 100 players to play together and fight for being NO 1.

Call of duty has various modes of gaming like Team deathmatch, classic mode, and the quick/arcade mode. You can team up with 5 of your friends while playing team deathmatch. As far as the classic match concern, you can team up with 3 of your friends.

COD requires an excellent and reliable internet connection as the Ping latency matter in this game.

PUBG mobile

Player Unknown’s Battleground, PUBG mobile is the game that brings us the most trending battle royale genre of gaming. The battle royale genre originated by this game that allows you to play along with 100 online players in a single room or classic match.

PUBG mobile shook the world of gaming when it released in 2017. It recorded over 3.2 million concurrent players in January 2018. PUBG mobile has been the most popular multiplayer game with over 100 million downloads on Google PlayStore.

This game allows you to play in a squad, duo, and solo. A player can also team up with 3 random online players and fight together.

Zynga’s with friends game

Zynga’s with friends is a video game developing company that specially develops multiplayer games. In every Zynga’s game, you can team up with a friend or a stranger and compete against the other duo.

There are a variety of games by Zynga’s with friends like Zynga’s chess, Zynga’s poker, Zynga’s crosswords, etc. Zynga’s friends are kid-friendly games, not ideally perfect for adults.


There has been a lot of Zombie killing games released in the past few years. Some of them were able to catch the spotlight. While the rest got covered with dust. Unkilled is one of the zombie shooting game that hit the crowd hard.

UnKilled is an online multiplayer FPP shooting game that aims to shoot and kill zombies. A user can also make an army of his zombies to attack other player’s bases. Player needs to collect different weapons and customize them to defeat different bosses.

Teamfight tactics

Teamfight tactics are an auto battling game that allows you to select your team and attack other players. In this game, you can battle against your friends and beat them down to take over their empire.

This game resembles Clash 0f Clans, Empires, etc. This is a strategy game that allows you to enjoy quality time with your friends and strangers.

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