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UC Handler Apk If you are looking for quality browsing experience, customizable settings according to your mood, and VPN features all in one. You have found the perfect solution for your desire.

The best browser with high-speed internet connectivity, in-built VPN features, and settings according to your desire. UC Handler provides you access to those websites which are blocked in your region.

Whereas, other browsers do not provide these facilities and are slower as compare to UC Handler Application. There is a need for an external VPN application to do that work.

V10.7.2 is the current version of the UC Handler browser with an installation size of 1.5 mega bites (MBs). UC Handler browser is compactable with almost every Android device. UC Handler app requires an Android version greater than 4.0.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is a program that keeps changing your location. Your official location can not be found by hackers and other IP address tracers. TOR based VPNs are the best ones in the market due to their untraceable nature.

Websites get blocked due to their inappropriate content and disturbing ads. UC Handler is a browser that keeps your IP address anonymous so that you can access such websites.


  • This is a free browser. There are no monthly or yearly charges to use this browser. You do not have to pay a single penny.
  • The browser has a tight security checking system. Be assured your data will be safe and there will be no malware entering your device.
  • Handler browser takes 1.5 Mbs of your storage. Due to its small size, it provides you faster and quality browsing.
  • Handler browser is easy, handy, and simpler to use.
  • There will be no need for tutorials of using this browser as it is quite simple.
  • UC Handler apk brings you full control of your video and audio, so you won’t need to switch to any multimedia player.
  • This browser facilitates you with tons of free WhatsApp stickers for you to send to your family and friends.
  • It comes with multiple languages. You can use the UC Handler browser in your language too!
  • The handler browser also has an in-built ad blocking system. There will be no ads popping up while you are surfing through the Internet.
  • This browser has its in-built downloader for you to download bulk files in seconds.
  • Saves you from installing third-party VPNs for accessing blocked sites.
  • It keeps shifting your IP address, which keeps you safe from hackers.
  • This browser keeps you safe from malware and other harmful viruses.
  • You can change your geographical location with just a single tap in the UC Handler app.
  • Handler browser has a night mode to keep your eyes at comfort at night time.


UC Handler browser can be downloaded from any external link provided on the internet. But please make sure that your device has an Android version above 4.0 to smoothly run the UC Handler browser.

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