Wedding bells for Falak Shabir & Sarah Khan

Many Many congrats to the duo who are about to tie their knots. Sarah Khan & Falak Shabir, tremendous social media stars are getting married this week. Rumors were already spreading about the relationship between these two famous stars.

On Wednesday, Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir confirmed this news by sharing some photos of their engagement ceremony. This was a piece of sudden news for their fans, yet many of them came forward to wish a happy and blessed wedding.

Sarah Khan

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Sarah Khan a Pakistani actoress appearing in Urdu-Television serials and Dramas was born on the 14th of July 1992 (Age 27) in the Holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. She debuted for the first time as a support role in Badi-Aapa serial back then in 2012. Which aired on HUM-TV.

It was a breakthrough for her to start her acting career. After that support role, Sarah Khan played main roles in plenty of successful TV-serials. Till today she has performed in almost 27 TV-serials and Movies.

She was nominated as the HUM TV awards best female supporting character for the role of Farisa in Alvida TV-serial in 2015. Sarah Khan was also nominated as the Best actress for the HUM awards due to the role of Tasha in Belapur ki Dayan.

She is now best-known for her drama Band Khirkiyan of 2018.

Sarah khan has a brother and a sister. Her sister, Noor khan is also an actress and model who appears in Urdu-TV dramas.

Falak Shabir

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Falak Shabir is the most prominent songwriter, singer, and artist. “King of Soul Style” and “Mr. Unplugged” are the other names of Falak Shabir in the world of music.

He hit the spotlight after his first unplugged song “Rog” in 2008. Which was commercially famous. Till today he has hundreds of Rock and Pop songs. Falak Shabir was born on the 27th of December 1986 (Age 33) in Karachi, Pakistan. 

He has been stage performing since 2008. His favorite instruments are guitar and his vocals. He has collaborated with national and international music producing companies like T-series, Falak Records Music, Desi music factory, speed records, etc.


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Sarah Khan was the first to come up on social media announcing her engagement. She posted a photo of her highlighting her engagement ring with a stunning caption “I said Yes!”. However, she did not reveal any name.

Fans took it that photo as a shot from her upcoming episode of drama serial, Sabaat.  Rumors were shut when one of the fellow singers of Falak Shabir “Ijazat” shared some glimpse and shots of their engagement.

They kept sharing pictures of their wedding week on their Instagram and Twitter profiles. The latest photos and videos were of their Mehndi ceremony, in which this stunning couple could be seen dancing with smiling faces.

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Sarah Khan was wearing the traditional Yellow mehndi suit along with Falak Shabir. Falak Shabir was wearing a magenta-colored suit. 

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