YouTube to be banned in Pakistan.

Pakistan telecommunication Authority has been on fire for a few days. PTA banned various apps due to their immoral, inappropriate, and addictive content.

On the 20th of July, The Pakistan telecommunication Authority banned Bigo Live, a live streaming application. PTA issued a warning to the trending video sharing platform, Tiktok. If Tiktok did not stop this immorality, it will be the next one on the line.

Many politicians and celebrities raised voice to PTA’s direct bans. Fawad Choudry raised voice against PTA’s direct bans. He stated that the PTA should put some restrictions on these apps rather than banning them completely.

Furthermore, he said that banning these apps directly will improve nothing. However, it will kill the tech industry in Pakistan. Moreover, it will discourage international investors to get involved in the Pakistan tech industries.


Everyone around on the streets knows about YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video hosting service provider worldwide. YouTube’s headquarter is in San Bruno, California, USA. Three former employees of PAYPAL developed this video sharing platform back in 2005.

Google acquired this platform in November at $1.6 billion and now works under Google’s subsidiaries. YouTUbe allows its users to share videos, comment, like, report, view,but

add to playlist, and subscribe.

YouTUbe has been a major source of entertainment worldwide. It has various sub-platforms like YouTube Go, YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, but YouTube music. Susan Wojcicki is the current CEO of YouTube.

The revenue generated by YouTube is $15 billion as per the report of 2019. This is the 2nd ranked platform on Alexa.

A person who uses YouTube to share content is called YouTuber. Millions of YouTubers are earning thousands and even millions from this platform yearly. The top 2 ranked accounts on YouTube are T-series and PewDiPie. These are the most popular YouTube channels having 145 million for T-series and 105 million for PewDiPie.

People love this application the most as they find whatever they are looking for in just one tap. Google uses its Google AdSense program for advertising. YouTubers tend to attach their YouTube Channels to AdSense which includes ads in their content and they get paid to do so.

 PTA Hints to ban YouTube

This is not the first time that YouTube has been banned in Pakistan. PTA banned YouTube in 2015 to 2016 due to some blasphemy content that YouTube allowed. But, it did not stop people from Pakistan, As they used VPNs to access this platform.

As a wave of the ban is prevailing in the air of Pakistan, the Pakistan telecommunication Authority hinted to ban YouTube once again. As Pakistan has already banned Bigo Live, but a temporary ban imposed on PUBG mobile, people are afraid of YouTube.

YouTube has been a source of entertainment, knowledge, earning, etc. There is a lot of good use for that platform and as per my review, I have never seen anything inappropriate on this platform.

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