Zoobia Meer Case

Tragic incidents happen every day that are not known to the world. Yet, some incidents make their way to social media where they get a huge impression. A recent tragic incident of a son beating his mother that shook the Internet occurred on the 21st of July 2020.

Zoobia Meer the victim posted a video of her brother, Arslan beating his mother and his sister. The victim posted this video on YouTube that spread like fire. People raised their voices against this animal act by Arslan.

According to Zoobia meer, Arslan was beating us for handing him over the property and other valuable goods. While my brother was beating his mother, his wife was standing behind encouraging him to hit harder.

Zoobia Meer posted a video of her on the twitter saying that her brother and his wife kept tormenting them to hand over the property to them. He had already beaten his mother before. Yet, this time Zoobia Meer shot a video of it and posted on the social media platform that went viral.

People started a trend Justice for Zoobia Meer on twitter and raised voice against Arslan and his wife. Many people posted their photos saying beware of this couple as everyone knows what they have done.

Zoobia Meer’s Statement

Zoobia Meer the victim, posted a video of her stating the whole scenario. She said that they were having dinner when Arslan’s mother told him about an issue, that led to an argument.

The wife of Arslan started a catfight with his mother that turned into barbarism when her husband Arslan started beating his mother. The wife did not do anything to stop him. However, she praised him for doing such vicious activity.

Furthermore, when zoobia meer took her mother to the hospital, Arslan and his wife came and took the remaining goods from them. When they returned home, they say there were no jewelry, property papers, money, etc.

Clothes of Zoobia meer and her mother were all over the floor. They tore all the clothes and left them scattered all over the floor and flew with all the goods.

Police did not lodge any FIR. They took Arslan and held him for a few hours and release him.

Later ON, The Rawalpindi Police assured that FIR has been lodged and the accused one is being searched.

Arslan’s Wife Statement

There are always two sides to a story, Arslan’s wife posted a video of her telling her part of the story. She said that her Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law assaulted them both.

They have beaten them with a stick while his mother grabbed his private parts. Moreover, she told us about how Arslan’s mother took away their child’s clothes, milk, and toys.

She said that what is seen in the video is an act of self-defense. We are trying to protect ourselves from them as they have been torturing us for months. We fled to save our lives not for stealing anything.

Property papers and goods are just a false accusation made by his mother and his sister. There is no such thing as that.


Whether as an act of self-defense or not, raising hands on any girl is prohibited in Islam. As for the incident, beating a mother is considered a major sin. The Police are now inspecting this matter to find the real culprit and punish them according to the Law.

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